Yoga Books and DVD's

A large number of Yoga Participants like to read about yoga.

Quite often their personal library of yoga books expands over the years to fill all of the available shelf space in their living, dining, and practice rooms,

Too often there partners make comments such as  "Look at all these books," they grumbles. "You're never going to read this one, are you?" waving a dusty, dog-eared tome by Swami Somebody-Ananda under my nose. "Let's Gets rid of them"

Yet Many people benefit form reading the information and viewing the actual pose as an image. There are also those of us that prefer to view a video/dvd to gain the maximum benefit especially when doing so at home, on the ipod or phone. So there is a place for videos and books even if they are as we do, place them in a pdf files that they can read on any device they choose.