Yoga and Fitness Stretching Bands

Be Aware that a Stretching Strap will take you to a whole new level of flexibility.

Every time you use Stretch Strap you’ll increase your muscle length way beyond your current level of flexibility. Runners will increase their stride length; martial artists will be doing the splits with ease; back pain will be a thing of the past; and sports injury all but forgotten. 

They will also 

Improves Flexibility – Stretch Strap will take you to a whole new level of flexibility. It’s just like having your own personal stretching coach. In fact it’s better than using a partner because you have total control over every aspect of your flexibility training.

Reduces the Risk of Injury – By improving muscle length and taking pressure off the working muscles you’ll reduce your risk of sports injury during physical activity.

Improves Athletic Performance – If you’re looking for that extra edge over your competitors Stretch Strap will help you achieve it by increasing the distance over which your muscles are able to contract.

Decreases Muscle Tightness – Reduces all sorts of aches and pains, like back pain, neck pain, hip pain and common muscle pain.

Reduces Joint Stiffness – Relieves annoying joint pain commonly associated with ageing and adolescent growing.

They are Strong and Durable – Stretch Strap is made from the best quality materials and constructed to strict guidelines, making it safe for you to use.

They are  Simple and Easy to Use – You don’t need any special equipment. You can use Stretch Strap straight out of the packet. In fact, it’s so simple to use, it’s child’s play.

Plus they are Totally Portable – Pack it up and take it with you where ever you go. It takes up no more room than a small pair of socks.